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AOL Users: This information will not only help you with the graphics for this webring, but will be invaluable to you with all your webrings and webpages in the future! Please, do yourself a favor, and read it!


First and foremost. Your graphics may not (and if you are a new user - probably are not) showing up on your page to other browsers, and other isp users. This means that only other aol'ers will be able to see your graphics unless they are using another browser. This can be serious folks, I had made close to 30 pages on aol before I found out why people kept writing to me and telling me that my graphics were not visible. Not even my backgrounds!

AOL has a "compressed graphics" option that is automatically ON when you install AOL. AOL uses this to try to make graphics load faster from the web, to help speed things up. Well, with this option on, the graphics that you save from the web are also compressed (the aol browsers way) and although AOL'ers can see them, other browsers can't!

This problem is easy to fix! Go to the top tool bar on your aol screen, and choose "members". Then, choose "preferences", and then WWW. Next, click on the "graphics" tab. You will see a small box checked, and it asks if you want to use compressed graphics to speed up your loading time. UNCHECK this box! I can't remember if you need to restart your computer, but I think you should. The only way I can think of for you to check which of your graphics are showing for other browsers, and which are not, is to download Netscape (it's free) and view your page....but, be warned, it could be ugly!


AOL's Personal Publisher is a bit different from other html editors, and getting your graphics to come up can be frustrating, unless you know what to do. There are two ways of doing it.

1) Upload the graphics to your ftp space, called "My Place" (If you don't know how to do this, there is a tutorial in keyword "My Place"; or; you can use the "image" option to add the images to your page, then publish the page. The graphics will be uploaded. After you have done this, you can replace the GRAPHIC FILE NAME in the code with this... screen name/graphic_name.gif
You can also bring your page up on the web, right click on the graphic, choose "properties", and copy the url of the graphic. Then, just paste it in your code in place of GRAPHIC FILE NAME.


2) Use the "image" option in PPII to put the graphics on your page. Now, view the page in edit (right click on your page, and choose "view source"). Find the file name of the graphic. For instance, if the graphic is in C drive, in a folder titled Graphics, the file name would look like this...  "file:///C:\Graphics\graphic_name.gif" or "file:///C:\Graphics\graphic_name.jpg" Now, replace the the GRAPHIC FILE NAME with this.

Be sure to get the file name right, make sure you use upper or lower case letters...whichever applies, and be sure you specify either a gif or jpg. Also, make sure your url or file name is in "quotation marks".

GRAPHIC FILE NAME - In your code, there are two graphic file names... hcwr1.gif and next1.gif  that will be in a tag that looks like this... <img src="next1.gif">
In Personal Publisher, it should look something like this...
<img src="file:///C:\Graphics\next1.gif" > or, like this...
<img src=" screen name/next1.gif">

This info will come in handy throughout your webpage making experience with aol. If, after reading it several times to make sure it makes sense to you, you are still having trouble, Email me, and I will try to help.


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