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Welcome to my little place on the web. This is the page where I get a little personal. I am not going to go into my life's story, but you can find out a bit about who I am. I have many interests, but am not a complex person. I mostly enjoy the simple things in life; my family, riding, animals, nature, sunshine.....you get the picture. Throughout this page, you will find links to other pages I have made. Some are complete websites, like my Harley Page and Native American Indian Page, and some are simple pages going into more detail about a subject. I hope that you will click around, and enjoy your stay. So, kick back, get comfortable, and get to know me.

My name is Brenda, but my friends on the internet just call me Babe. It has become a second name to me, so try not to feel too weird about calling a strange woman Babe. Of course, you can call me Brenda too! Why BABEonHD? Well, when we first signed on, I needed a screen name, and my husband came up with it. He calls me baby, and always has. HD of course is for Harley Davidson. Well, BABYonHD is a screen name I would give my grandson, so it was Babe. Not to mention, my hubby thinks I'm a babe, but then, he loves me.

I was born August 2, 1961 and that makes me a leo. I am usually the pussy cat type of Leo, but my claws can show when my family or friends are threatened. I am now happily married, after waiting all my life for a man who would love me, the real me, who I am. I found this in the love of my life, Milo. We were married Sept. 7, 1996. Milo is a wonderful man, and a good person. He too waited for someone to love him, the way he deserved to be. We are very happy, and we know that God must have felt we finally deserved something wonderful, and gave us each other. I am a new grandmother, but my daughter Cassie was just getting back at me for wearing mini-skirts "at my age" , and decided I needed to be put in my place. So, she made me a grandmother. She also thinks a grandmother shouldn't be riding around on a Harley either.......oh Lord....where did I go wrong? LOL!

I was born and raised in Tampa Florida, and most of my family still live there. I now live in North Georgia on the border of Chattanooga Tennessee with my husband Milo, my son Clay, and our two dogs. I have lived here since Aug. 1997. I had been living in Greenwood S.C. raising my two kids, a single mother. I started working on a construction site building Fuji Film in Greenwood. I met Milo there. He is a job superintendant for a major electrical company in Georgia. Well, when the job was finished, we moved to his home here in Flintstone Ga. I love it here, surrounded by mountains and beauty. Truly God's Country. This land also has a wealth of historical spots on the Cherokee Indians. Because the Native American art, culture, and history is another love of mine, I feel very much at home here. Someday, if our dreams come true, we will live in a log cabin in this area, except on water. I love the water and summer time. I want to live on a lake and fish from my back yard, and float on a raft and soak up the sun. Being from Florida, I guess it's in my nature to love the sun and the water.

I have two kids, teenagers, named Cassie (Cassandra) and Clay (Clayton). Cassie is still in S.C. and Clay of course is here with us. He's a pretty good kid, and I'm proud of him. He also likes to make pages, and is working on a new one. Cassie is living in SC with my beautiful grandson, Parker, and the new baby, Kyla. Want to see pictures?

John Boy and Billy, The Big ShowI personally don't like Heavy Metal. I love jazz, but my favorite music is classic rock. I listened to Rock 101 in S.C.. It was a great radio station, with a fantastic morning show called The Big Show with John Boy and Billy. About 3 weeks after I moved here, our local Rock station,  KZ106  picked up  The Big Show....cool beans! They are a hoot, and their website is fantastic.

I got into NASCAR about 6 years ago. I used to think it was rediculous, lol, but I really get in to it now. My favorite driver is Jeff Gordon. I didn't jump on his band wagon! I had been dating a Darryl Waltrip fan, and he insisited I pick my own driver. So, at the start of the season, I wanted to pick a rookie (being a rookie myself), and read the stats on this amazing kid. He was only 18 at the time, and his stats were so great. Plus he was born 2 days from my birthday (okay-plus ten years) and so I chose him. Well, what can I say? He is now a three time Winston Cup Champion!

We have two dogs, Blossom (part cocker) and Cricket (Pekingese). You can see their pics here. Blossom has been with us for about 6 years now. She showed up at my door one day and refused to leave. She has been with us through some hard times, and now is a fat and spoiled dog who loves her people. She's a great watch dog, and guards her home and loved ones with great pride. Cricket is the baby. We have had her for since Jan. '98. She comes with a story  that I put up when she was 10 weeks old. I love both of my dogs fiercely, just as I do the rest of my family. I love animals to the point of silliness. All animals. Animals are inside of me, and I feel something I just can't explain. Domestic animals, wild animals, amphibians.... lol, I love them all. I hate people who are cruel to animals!  You should have seen how upset I was when I killed a frog! (humorous but true story)

Okay, you already know that I have a Harley, and love to ride. And, I guess you can see that I love Native American art, and wolves. But, I don't love just the art of the Native Americans, I also love the culture, the beliefs and the people. Most of who I am is probably from the little bit of Cherokee and Micmaq blood running through my veins and heart. I have an extremely large amount of pride; some say too much; but I think more people should have more pride. It sure would make a difference in this country. I love nature, and the land, and feel we should respect it much more. The Native Americans could have taught the white man so much, if they had only tried to understand them instead of exterminating them. Yes, it was a long time ago, but it is still not too late to listen. Want to see my Native American Page?

Although I haven't written much in the last few years, one thing I have always loved to do is write poetry. My poetry has never been 'flowery'. It either tells stories, or is about my feelings. When I have something inside that needs letting out, it comes out in the form of poetry, don't ask me why. It was always just a way of expressing my pain, and it helped. I have a few of my poems up, read them if you like, but I warn you, some are pretty heavy.

animated dragonSomething else I haven't done a lot of lately, but truly love, is reading. I enjoy a wide variety of types of books, but I think my favorite is science fiction/fantasy. I especially enjoy science fiction/fantasy books that have dragons in them. I have read the entire Pern collection by Anne McCaffrey, and I also have read a lot of Melanie Rawn. I had a Dragon page up once on AOL but removed it when I ran out of space for my Harley Page. Someday I may make another.
John Norman wrote the first science fiction/fantasy books I ever read. I read his entire Gor series many many years ago, and I want to collect the whole series and read them again one day. There are several other authors I have read and enjoyed, but this is getting long.... lol.

I have now broken down and admitted that I am a certifiable web addict. I love to build and work on web pages. I have been back to work for a month now after having been home taking care of hearth and home for a year, and it's killing me! LOL. Well, we should all try to work and make money doing something we love, so I have just begun a Web Design Business. My goal is to be able to bring home enough money to quit my job and stay home working my fingers to the bone in web design. So, if your business needs a web page, my rates are fair.

I have always hated politics, and never understood it. Milo loves politics though. He has been educating me, and I am now educating myself. I am afraid of what has been happening to my beloved Country, and want to have a say in the goings on. I want to have a voice. I believe in freedom of choice, and will vote for my beliefs.
I think our current president has disgraced the Presidency, and is a liar and a fake. I have some pretty strong opinions about him, and I think that if he had a shred of decency in him, he would resign. Very soon, I intend to make a page to voice my opinions. Our government has been taking away our freedoms, one by one. We all need to stop this!

Most people, when first meeting me, think I am "rough around the edges" because I am not very feminine. I would give anything to be more feminine, but it is not to be. I was born muscular! LOL. In reality though, I am very sensitive, get my feelings hurt easily, and care deeply for people and animals. I cry at movies and when reading books. Don't get me wrong, the lioness in me can roar, and I am strong and tough, but I am also a wimp, so be nice to me! LOL.

Well, that's the basics of who I am. You'll find you will know me more through my many pages on the web. I love creating web pages, and web sites, which goes without saying. I enjoy sharing this with people, and helping them with their own webpages.
I have many interests, and there are pages and links to most of them. If you are interested, you should go to my Home Page, which is really the index page of all my pages, including our family photo album.

Well, thanks for stopping by. Don't make this a one way meeting! Sign my guestbook (this is my Home Page guestbook), write me a note, send me the URL to your page. And please, don't be a stranger, as I am always adding new things.

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