Yes, I murdered a frog! This is not something I am proud of, as I love All Creatures Great and Small. Even snakes....really! I won't have a pet snake though, cause you have to feed them. And what do you feed them? Frogs! Oh, and mice, and bunnies, and small children. Can't handle that, so I don't have a snake.

Well, here's the story, and I hope you won't condemn me.

I was working on the Fuji Film construction site. When I first started out, I worked for the general contractor, cleaning the office trailers. Now, Fuji was a huge job, and was sitting on a huge site. The general contractors had two trailers, one for the engineers' offices, and one for the field supervisors. Well, the work day was an 8 hr. shift. I was usally done with both trailers in less than 3 hours. So, I started cleaning the guard shack, the supervisors work trucks, the windows inside and out, the walkways between trailers, the tool trailer in the field... let me tell you, these were the cleanest construction trailers anywhere. And I was still finished by lunch! Well, it came summer time, and the grass and weeds began to grow. The boss was going to hire someone to mow the grass in front of the trailers, but like I told him, I had the time, and I needed something more to do. So, he went and bought a low priced lawn mower and a weed-eater. Although I had never mowed grass or used a weed-eater before, within 2 weeks all the grass and weeds around the trailers, the parking lot and the tool trailers in the field were nice and neat and trimmed. So, I started on the road running alongside the job site. There was a silk fence seperating the road and the plants (buildings), with a lot of weeds and grass 4' high on both sides of it. So, I started up the road one day, on the outside of the silk fence. Man it was hot! This is the summer of the Shannon Faulkner fiasco, remember how hot it was? And this was in South Carolina!

I started weed-eating, the weeds being so bad, the lawn mower so cheap, and the terrain so uneven, it was the only way. I weed-eated for about an hour, whhhhheeeeeee (weed eater sound) when suddenly there was a frog! A big frog. I pulled back really fast, just in the nick of time! The poor thing was just a trembling...well it was!...and I was so glad I had missed it! I turned off the weed-eater, picked up the frog, checked him out to make sure he was okay, and set him on the other side of the silk fence, well out of the way of my weed-eater. Then I went back to work. It took about 2 more hours to finish that side of the silk fence. I took a break, and started back, down the other side. About 2 hours later, THUNK! I pulled back the weed-eater just as I saw it! The frog! I had forgotten the frog! I bent over, and there he was...on his back, ripped wide open down the belly! Oh no! I was upset. I couldn't believe that I, an animal lover, had killed this poor frog, and so violently too!

Wait, I'm not done yet!

After work, I went home, took off those damn steel-toed boots, showered and put on make-up (transformed into a girl again), and went out to a little bar that many of the gang from the job went to, including a few of the people I worked with, the supervisors. Well, I told the sad story, and they all had a good laugh over it! "But you don't understand!", I said. I then told them the story about my sister killing a frog when we were kids. I was about 6, and my sister was 5. We had gone for a walk in the park outside Mc Dill Airforce base (we lived 3 blocks from it), and my sister found a bow and arrow. She always had the luck and found things *pout*. Well, we were in our backyard playing. Mom came out and showed my sister Linda how to shoot it away from the house, and me, and to shoot it toward the trees. Mom never thought that either of us could shoot an arrow further than 3 feet, and certainly not with any power. Linda did though! She shot the arrow, and it went high, and came down in the neighbors yard behind our house, over a fence, in the trees (trees hid the house from view). Well, she couldn't get over the fence, but I could, so I climbed over to retrieve the arrow. I found the arrow, and picked it up, and there, with the tip all the way through the back and out the belly, was a frog! I was horrified! I yelled at Linda, and I cried, and I told my mommy that Linda killed a poor innocent little frog minding his own business! Oh, and I bawled! The poor little thing! I found a little box, placed the frog in it, and buried it. Then, I found a brick, wrote FROG on it, and placed the headstone with a few flowers on the top of the little grave.

Well, after telling this story to the guys I worked among, they all busted out laughing. One of the guys says, "We need to get that weed-eater away from her, or there will be dozens of little crosses marking graves all alongside the road!" And they all laughed again.

This is a sad but true story.


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