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I personally did not lose a father, husband, brother, son, uncle, cousin, or grandfather in the Vietnam war. But...I could have. Many people did. Many families buried their loved ones. What a sad and terrible thing! I feel for these families, and want to tell them all that I appreciate the sacrifice of these men, these brave young men who fought when the country they loved asked them to. May God Bless you, and give you strength. And to all of you vets or men in our military today... Thank You for your effort and protection.

But, that is not why I have put up this page. I have been concerned about the plight of our Missing in Action for as long as I can remember. What about those of our men who never came home...even to be buried beside their loved ones? There are still many men that were unaccounted for! There were many men who were last seen alive! Some men were captured and became Prisoners of War. There have been sightings, and there has been evidence that our Country, the very same country that our men went to war for, left many men behind. Did our government leave our men as prisoners to the enemy? To never see their families again? To slave in the rice paddies? Was it politics? I know that to many, this will seem so long ago...and maybe some people will think that there couldn't possibly be any alive after all this time. After all, any survivors, or POW's, would be in their 70's. For those of you who feel this way...if your Daddy was one of these men never accounted for, and there was any chance at all that he could be alive...wouldn't you still be trying to get him home...even if it was only for another year, another 10 years? Where would you prefer to spend the last year of your life? Daddy's Girl

I adopted a POW/MIA. His name is James Wesley Jackson Jr, from Atlanta Ga. He was with the United States Marine Corps, and has been missing since September 21st, 1969. He was last seen alive. He could very well still be alive today, waiting for his country to come and get him, and bring him home. To read his story and find out more about him, click on the dog tags above, or on his name. This is also where the MIA/POW webring is located, so why not see more sights like mine, and learn about other adopted POW/MIAs.


There are several things we can do. We can let our government know that we have not forgotten our men. We can write letters, make calls, many things. Have a look around here, and check out the sites I have linked to. See what others are doing. Make your voice heard.

A short but powerful message

Would you be interested in adopting a POW/MIA?
Click on the bracelet above and join the cause. Let Gunney know you care.
He will send you information and the bio of a missing hero.


Tell our government that you are concerned, that you haven't forgotten these men!

Executive Office of the President

House of Representatives E-Mail by State

GOP Post Office-House of Rep.'s by state


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